Are parents great teachers

Every person have heard this phrase in any given form “the parents are great teachers”. And as a dilemma this sentence has been talked about very much from different perspectives. I actually partly disagree with this one. so to explain my viewpoint some solid arguments shall be brought to serve as foundation for it.

 First and foremost as much as parents are the ones that gave their children life sometimes they also think that their children are owing them for that. And because of that most of the parents choose to think that their children should follow every advice they give and should do as they say even if they are wrong. Because of this way of thinking a lot of children would be mostly become what their parents want to be and would eventually be like their parents. Also in such cases parents are also not very supportive to their children’s dreams and try to bring them down by thinking that they can’t catch stars from sky. None the less this sort of parenting may bring to their children becoming depressed and bulled constantly. Which obviously means that parents don’t care or don’t understand their child right because of which they only make chid’s life worse.Overall that all culminates in very blank person with meaningless life and with no ambitions of their own.

On the other hand not all parents are like that and the right parent would of course be more supportive and helpful to anything.  A real parent would instead try to understand what the matter, not find fast solutions to problems like social anxiety, depression and to being bulled. In those cases good parent would try to brighten their child’s mood and generally give them their attention to bring them to happy mood.And in that case the child raised by parents that actually teach their children to chase their dream and be confident make their child life better. Also they would help them understand such life problems as refusal, hating, lose and others. After all  a parent becomes great teacher when they want their child to really succeed and follow their dream no matter the cost they would be near him always

In conclusion as much as there are bad parents that are bad teachers it’s not a thing that every parent is. Overall there are a lot of parents that really want to teach their children  the right thongs and prepare them for  life.

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