High school comedy show

There are many genres that could be implemented into school setting to create an interesting show about students of an high school. However the ideal premise by my opinion is the comedy/slice of life garners that mixed with school environment could make up an interesting show.

The main point for this being of course that comedy mix with various the perspectives off student life in high school is making good jokes and surreal setting. And the thing is that setting this type of mix means that creators of the show may express the shows main narrative through the lens of various students perspectives or mind  sets. Which in term mean that they writers could simply got to any sort of lengths and mad or even crazy representation of a simple life of students task like passing exam into for example into fight of galactic battle or into ‘James Bond’ like highest or into a prison break film. And through out this exaggerated  a lot of comedy capped be simply propelled. Not to mention the shows in such setting could get very creative in its look, set ups, jokes and  overall character development. And even the plot could be so simply like high schoolers rebellion against the school or the school hierarchy  could be transformed into something very interesting to watch.After all the show like “Assassination classroom”, “Kill la Kill”, “Gridman” and many other shows have such a premise and exile high with it.

In conclusion this may be the best choice for setting up an interesting show for people to watch and enjoy.In the end this  new genre of show is still in its highest point.

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