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My opinion of Armenian revolution of 2018

Although I wasn’t consistently following what happened till this point in Armenia, but the Revolution of 2018 is one big event that nobody could have turned there back to.Every day starting from April 13, from the day the past president Serj Sargsian became minister to ensure his power over the country,  till May 8 the day when the leader of revolution Nikol Pashinian  became the minister of Armenian government to ensure the power to rule the country is in its people hands.

 I’d say that all through the revolution happened very abruptly and I may say very spontaneously. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean that revolution was very incompetent in its actions, but that also was the case, What I really mean that the revolution had appeared leathery out of nowhere. It was like a some sort of sleeping volcano that at first had done few bumps and after the boiling point which was the arrest of revolutions leader had blown up and became the point which gave the revolution so needed advantage in its people numbers. And so with number of people over 500000 and above the revolution got the needed amount of people to show that they aren’t the so could minority of country and forced upon government the demand of freeing the post of governor from its current placeholder and giving the full control of country to its people.

I also want to critic the way revolution was handled because starting from they on the revolution wasn’t very organized and did’t work like a working clock and resembled at first a mess (with only separate parts of it looking like some working mechanism). Also at first it one little mistake was the mayhem that they where creating at first with their actions of blocking roads and causing headache to police that was on side of government. However after the loss of their leader the revolution except getting more tractions and people became more like a peaceful protests. Which in turn became more consistent and had started to cause less problems which became the so called home run for revolutions success in overthrowing the government of Armenia .

Overall to not lie I haven’t been part of the revolution from get go but when so called rise in peoples numbers started I have also stared to participate to the some of the revolutions actions. I would also say that overall my experience withe revolution was pretty interesting. And my own opinion of this revolution is that it had achieved its goals with 360 turn in the play filed of our country.

What I want to change in past

Time travel is a very funky thing to mess with. However every person including me wanted once to change thing in past or to travel to past and be a spectator in some great events.

Well in my case what I would do  if I got tom travel back in time, what historical events I would like to change or participate in is very hard to choose. Well first of all I would probably  go to the time when cold war was still a thing and would probably  first save American President Canadi from dyeing, so that he could have done all the things that he wanted to do to make america great and to stop cold war. And also that none of the next future presidents like Nixon were to rule america and ruin it.

Secondly I travel to would kill the Russian president Stalin and all his ministers so that none of them could ruled Russian empire and to prevent people from suffering during their governing. And thanks to that hundred thousand people would ever become would never become stupid  products of Russian system and would get their rightful freedom and free will. And that would also be a huge factor in stoping could war and making two biggest countries to set peace treaty.

So in the end i would say that by changing those events i would probably make our world surely better. Only if the time travel stuff would work properly.


Sustainable Development Goal Of Education

In this following document I would try and represent my point around the about lack of quality education in our country and the in whole and the problems of general education.

First and foremost I shall pinpoint one of the main problem in education, which is lack of normal testing methods of students knowledge. At this point in time all of the possible testing methods of students knowledge are basically tests that need from students to regurgitate all of the known information about the subject into the answers sheet  . And it is obvious that students would of course cheat, because to remember immense amount of information students would need to have information storage of google to answer all of the questions on answers sheet. So my suggestion in this case is to change the way of testing and make it more experimental and more oral. So this way students would actually would try to explain for example the subject that they are given through some sort of science fair that is for every subject. And also in that case it would be easier for tester to find copy cats because students would need to express the subject their way and if they would try to copy the theme of other students they would immediately get caught. Also in case of linguistic  subjects the test should more be like the IELTS international test for english because tests like that would need from students the understanding of language rather the knowledge of how it works.

Another crucial point in education is how the subject is shown or distributed. Nowadays it is especially a huge problem because at this point in time there is  little number of students that want to study in quality university like AUA is very low and that have the needed qualities to enter there. So to resolve that problem  teachers would need to change the way they teach students, because what they teach is the same old information taken from old books and printed in new which is then thought to every new generation of students. So in this teachers should try and make the subject more interesting and try to improvise new ways by which they may teach to the students  the subject which is mostly the way the natural sciences  should be thought by teachers. While in case of  linguistic subjects this the students should be thought to learn the languages practically rather by being book worm and by knowing every rule of the subject.

Overall this changes are already being integrated by schools and teacher to make students to become more smart and have good amount of knowledge about the subject.

Today is August 4, 2018




Log 1: It’s sunny but dull morning today. Sun heats every any surface near its limits  and burns earth without any remorse. The temperature outside is 45 degree by Celsius. I think there won’t be any thing interesting happening today (maybe). I wish this weather finally got colder near autumn.

Log 2: it past 12am weather sun still burns strong. I am gone go out to take the paper copy of my exam score of math to start and build my application for entering AUA. Yesterday when I checked the score it was 380 points from 400. I think may be I will be applied at AUA.

Log 3: I already took the papers from the math department of AUA and now I am back home. I am pretty positive that that is all I need , It is time to start slowly but surely to write my application for AUA. I still don’t have some basic ideas about its look maybe I should ask for help from my English tutor. The evening is nearing I should do that as soon as I can so I won’t disturb here.

Log 4: It’s 10 pm I am going to sleep. Wrote a couple of pages for application by my tutor suggestion. I think it would be ready after few weeks. I am very nervous at this point I don’t know will I be accepted at AUA or not after I send The application. However after I turn it there is no going back now I can go and rest. I would either go draw a couple of pictures for fun or I am going to read Harry potter in bed? Don’t know for sure. See hoe the events will turn form me tomorrow?